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Dedicated to Creating Functional Outdoor Environments in Des Moines



As a graphic designer, a gardener, and an employee at a national garden magazine for nine years, I developed a strong interest in annual and perennial plants, especially those that do well in the Des Moines, Iowa area.

I acquired knowledge of garden design through working on various garden stories, learning the best way to care for gardens, including how to successfully divide and prune a variety of perennials. Every issue profiled at least one local or nationally known gardener or grower. From these experts I learned a variety of useful gardening tips, and gained valuable hands-on experience.

My understanding of garden design was also developed from scouting hundreds of gardens for use in the magazine. I saw great garden ideas as well as ideas to avoid. I also created gardens for use in the magazine and helped to develop and layout garden plans for multiple articles.

Researching newly introduced perennials was one of the best parts of my job. This research included using these perennials in the corporate test garden as well as in my home garden.

My wife, Carole, and I have worked on our garden for over 16 years. We've redesigned our garden at least every couple of years to try out new plants and plant combinations. We have gained a good understanding of which plants are successful in the Des Moines area and which plants to avoid. The last couple years we have designed a number of gardens around the Des Moines, Iowa area and are looking forward to helping both experienced and new gardeners with garden advise, or a helping hand, to create an enjoyable garden.


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